Fargo City Assessor discusses property tax increases for thousands of homeowners

(Fargo, ND) -- About 14,000 homeowners in Fargo are expected to see higher property tax bills this year. 

"It's called mass appraisal and it does not look the same as your typical appraisal say ah for financing purposes on a regular house but it's where we are taking a look at all of the houses say in a particular area of town," said Fargo City Assessor Mike Splonskowski. 

Splonskowski says property taxes are going up because their property values are going up after the city's annual reassessment process.  Property values have increased anywhere from five percent to roughly ten percent over the past year.  He says exact tax increases won't be known until the "mil levy" for the next year is set in September. Homeowners who have questions or concerns about their property taxes are invited to the City Board of Equalization meeting Tuesday morning April 12th at 7:30 at City Hall.  

Original Air Date: 
Monday, March 21, 2022