Fargo Police Academy commences on Monday

Photo by: City of Fargo
Photo by: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- The third annual Fargo Police Academy will launch on Monday, and will contain 27 new recruits.

The Fargo Police Department narrowed a field of over 100 applicants to 27 students through an extensive application, background-check and interview process. Individuals attending the 2022 Fargo Police Academy will receive over 450 hours of North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (ND POST)-approved training.

“Our academy provides an exceptional opportunity for those interested in a career in law enforcement to receive state-of-the-art training in Fargo," said Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski in a statement released to WDAY Radio. "This academy provides the FPD with the advantage of immersing potential Fargo Police recruits in the culture, philosophy of the department prior to entering the Field Training Program."

General topics taught throughout the course include constitutional law, crime scene investigations, defensive tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operator Course, firearm training and more. The majority of the training will be led by current Fargo Police Department officers, detectives and supervisors, which is an advantage that differentiates and distinguishes the Fargo Police Academy from other training academies in the region. 

The Fargo Police Academy provides Peace Officer Training, certified by the ND POST Board, via an intensive 14-week course. Upon successful completion of the academy, students are eligible for hire as a licensed peace officer by the Fargo Police Department and throughout the state of North Dakota. The Department has hired dozens of officers from the previous two academies and will look to fill current employment opportunities with qualified Academy graduates.

"The Fargo Police Academy has proven to be an extremely important asset for the future of our department, as well as The City of Fargo, as we continue to lead the region,” said Chief Zibolski.

Training and Development Unit Sargent Joel Erikson will work closely with the 2022 Academy students and lead the educational program. “The Fargo Police Department is committed to doing things the right way and we are excited to welcome them to our program," said Erikson. "Students will receive high quality training throughout the academy and are immersed into the FPD’s vision, mission and values from the very first day and onward. Each year, the academy graduates qualified students who are ready to serve their community.”

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