Churches United aims to raise $500K to avoid having to face "really difficult decisions"

(Fargo, ND) -- The Moorhead-based non-profit social services agency Churches United is launching a $500 thousand fundraising campaign. 

"I am so grateful every day for the generosity of our community. I know that our community understands the need and I believe that our community will support us so that we can continue to serve," said Sue Koesterman, the agency's CEO.  

Koesterman calls the fundraising campaign the "Community Challenge". She's asking 5,000 individuals to each donate $100 to Church's United. Among other things, the agency provides housing for homeless people and provides food to the food insecure. 

Koesterman says the money raised in the campaign will go toward operating expenses. She says they're experiencing "record demand" for services. She says if the half million dollar goal is not reached, the agency could face lay-offs or possibly reduce services.

"If we are unable to meet this challenge, we may have to face some really difficult decisions," said Koesternman. 

To learn more, check out their website at the link below.