LRC Winter Outlook and what it means for our winter and spring

What is the LRC?  It's a new ACCURATE way to forecast long term weather patterns.  Gary Lezak, CEO of Weather 20/20 founded the LRC and will be joining us today to explain all about the LRC and how it will determine our winter and spring weather.  Will we have a snowy winter or will it be a winter with less than normal snow?   What about the temps?  Will we have numerous Arctic outbreaks or will it be a mild winter?   Join Gary Lezak, Meteorologist Justin Storm, Ag director Bridgette Readel and myself today at 2pm on the Jay Thomas Show to discuss our winter outlook.   We will break it down, month by month, week by week what we can expect.   We will take a look into what  this means for our Agriculture community as well and how the Ag community can use the LRC to help them plan for the upcoming year.