Downtown Fargo residents, employees feel safer than months ago

Photo by: Downtown Fargo Community Partnership - Facebook
Photo by: Downtown Fargo Community Partnership - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- Just how comfortable do you feel in Downtown Fargo now, as opposed to just even months ago. The answer, as we found out, may surprise you.

WDAY Radio reporter Ty Schonert took to the streets in Downtown Fargo to ask employees and residents their thoughts, and the answers were mostly in line with each other.

"I feel like it's safe down here, especially over the last few months. It's a lot safer than say six months ago," said one man we talked to off Broadway. The feeling among many others was mutual, but why?

Many believe the addition of the Downtown Fargo Police Department substation has helped curb some issues seen in recent years involving crime in the area.

One concern shared by some of the people we spoke with was the homeless population in Downtown Fargo, though even that appears to be moving in the right direction.

"There's a couple people that don't really have a place to stay, and they wander around a bit down here but they aren't causing as many issues as before," said another resident we spoke with.

Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski has mentioned that Downtown public safety is huge for the city, especially with the rising population and investment being put into the area. Those claims have been echoed by the City Commission, who have also challenged Fargo PD to be more mindful and creative when deterring crime and criminal behavior in Downtown Fargo.