Suspect in fatal West Fargo motorcyclist crash convicted of multiple vehicle related citations in Otter Tail County

Courtesy: Cass County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Cass County Sheriff's Office

(Otter Tail County, MN) -- A West Fargo woman accused of fatally striking a motorcyclist in an April vehicle crash has racked up additional charges after a separate traffic incident in Otter Tail County. 

According to the Minnesota State Patrol Trooper who pulled over Taquoya Saldana on August 28th, she was traveling 88 mph in a 70 mph zone and was stopped. The trooper also told Saldana she was seen by another colleague who claimed she was going 98 mph. In addition to speeding, the officer noted she had no proof of insurance and had a temporary tag that had expired 75 days prior. Saldana's boyfriend texted a picture with proof of insurance, which had expired in April of 2023. 

At the scene, Saldana was cited for going 85 in a 70mph zone Without proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance or Vehicle Registration Required. All pretty misdemeanors. 

Saldana was scheduled to appear in court on November 8th, 2023, but did not appear in court or pay a fine in lieu of appearance. A conviction was then handed to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Proof of insurance was later sent to court officials on November 19th and November 21st. As of December 14th, Saldana has not paid the total of $405 in fines and fees related to the listed charges, including late fees.

Saldana is the primary suspect in a fatal vehicle crash that occurred in April of 2023, which killed 31-year-old Thomas Fradet. In the incident, Saldana is accused of driving 75 in a 40 mph zone. Court documents show Saldana told investigators she believed "the motorcycle driver was trying to commit suicide." Saldana faces up to 10 years in prison for Class B Felony Manslaughter and Class C Felony Negligent Homicide charges.