North Dakota AG Wrigley cites "hatred" as possible motivation for Mohamad Barakat shooting Fargo police officers

File photo - WDAY Radio Now
File photo - WDAY Radio Now

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley was asked again about a possible motive for Mohamad Barakat opening fire on Fargo Police officers on July 14th.  

The question came after Wrigley had announced the investigation into the shooting was officially closed. 

"We found insufficient evidence that would prove a motivation along any sort of a political agenda of any kind and that is unsatisfying to people. I can tell you that it's unsatisfying to investigators, too. We are left with just hatred and wanting to cause damage to other human beings," said Wrigley. 

Wrigley made the comments during an exclusive interview with WDAY Radio.

He says Barakat had a disturbing Internet search history. 

Investigators also recovered Tannerite filled propane tanks and home-made grenades at Barakat's apartment.