Armstrong downplays Miller's role as CEO; draws attention to challenger's political contribution

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong is criticizing his gubernatorial competitor and fellow republican Tammy Miller for a campaign contribution she made to democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar while Miller was CEO of Border States Electric.  

"First of all I reject the premise that only large CEOs can be the governor of North Dakota. I think there's ton of family farmers and business owners that can be the governor of North Dakota. I know lots of them. I think they would do a great job. But if you're going to hang your qualification on that position then I'm going to talk about the things you did in that position," said Armstrong.   

Armstrong made the comment during an interview on The Flag's Steve Hallstrom Show. 

Over the weekend, Armstrong received the official endorsement from the North Dakota GOP in his bid for governor.  

Miller's campaign has not responded to an interview request from WDAY Radio News.