House candidate Julie Fedorchak: "people call me hard-core" on conservative values

(Fargo, ND) -- In the race for North Dakota's sole congressional seat, candidate Julie Fedorchak won't say where she ranks herself when it comes to her conservative values relative to her fellow republican challengers. 

However, she is talking about her track record.  

"I have very strong conservative stripes. People who know me and have worked with me call me 'hard-core'. I'm really passionate about these issues. I have been consistently pro-life. I am pro Second Amendment. I am limited government, low taxes, individual freedom, individual rights, individual responsibilities," said Fedorchak.  

Other republicans in the race are Rick Becker, Tom Campbell, and Alex Balazs. 

The DFL candidate is Trygve Hammer. 

Fedorchak appeared on Mid Day.