UPDATED: Fargo Police detain student after allegedly bringing BB gun onto bus

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Update: 11:13 a.m.) -- Fargo Police are releasing more details about the incident that caused a lockdown of both Ed Clapp Elementary School and Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary School this morning.

Authorities say they responded to a report of a suspicious person who had a potential firearm in the 3100 block of 30th Avenue South. Several officers were dispatched to the area. The suspect, a 16-year-old, boarded a school bus in the area. Officers boarded the bus and found an air gun "designed to look like a real firearm" in the teen's possession.

The teenager, who remains unidentified, was arrested for terrorizing and carrying a concealed weapon. His parents were also notified.

WDAY Radio is attempting to confirm if the incident near Ed Clapp and Oak Grove is the same incident that stopped a school bus with students heading towards Davies and Discovery schools. 

The incident remains under investigation.


(Fargo, ND) -- A student is in custody after authorities say they attempted to bring a BB gun to school today.

The Fargo Police Department says they responded to a report of a suspicious person in the area of the 3100 block of 30th Avenue South, which is near several area schools. Archie Ingersoll, a spokesperson with the Fargo Police Department, said several officers were called to the scene. A person was taken into custody, but no details about the individual were released to the public. Ed Clapp Elementary School was temporarily locked down due to the incident.

In a second incident that occurred this morning, AnnMarie Campbell, a spokesperson with Fargo Public Schools, is also responding to media outlets about a BB gun being brought on a school bus No BBs were in the students backpack. There were no injuries, and the student is in custody. There was no lockdown at Davies or Discovery schools.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time. 

Below are statements sent to parents and teachers at Ed Clapp, Davies, and Discovery schools by Fargo Public Schools. 

Ed Clapp Parents,

This update is to share with you that this morning the police department asked that our building go into lockdown as they were seeking an individual in the general vicinity of our school. During this time, our building continued our normal operations within the classrooms, but no one was allowed to go outside and all entrances were carefully monitored. This was done out of an abundance of caution and at the direction of the police department.

The police were able to quickly locate the individual they were seeking and our building resumed all normal operations by 8:21 am.

I wish to thank our students and staff for their quick attention to the directions they were given.  As always, school safety is of the utmost concern. We appreciate the police department immediately bringing this concern to our attention so we could ensure safety of our students and staff today.

Thank you,

Jennifer Schuldheisz, Principal
Ed Clapp Elementary School


Davies Parents/Discovery Parents,

This message is to alert you to a situation that occurred on Bus Route 96 this morning. The Fargo Police Department was responding to a request for service concerning a student who was believed to have had a weapon. While police were responding to this situation, the student who the police were looking for boarded the bus for school at the 3100 block of 30th Avenue South. A number of police officers boarded the bus to apprehend the student. All other students were removed from the bus except the student who was being sought. The student’s backpack was searched and an unloaded BB gun was found; the student did not have BBs in their backpack. The police took the student into custody and are investigating the situation.

Once the student was removed from the bus and taken into custody, all students were able to reboard the bus and the bus continued on its scheduled route. Students did arrive late to school, but will not be marked as tardy.

We wish to thank the students who were on the bus for their cooperation this morning and following the directions given to them. 

The safety of our students, staff and school are of the utmost importance. Please encourage your student that if they ever see or hear something concerning that they contact a trusted adult, administration or our SRO immediately. As always, our goal is to ensure students can learn in a safe environment and we can only do that together as a team.  

If your student is in need of assistance in processing this situation, please contact your student’s counselor. Our counselors are informed about this situation and are prepared to meet student needs.

Thank you,

Discovery Principal Amy Herrick & Davies Principal Troy Cody