Lignite Energy Council hosts annual Teacher's Seminar

(Bismarck, ND) -- The 36th annual Teacher's Seminar has completed for another year.

Kay LaCoe, V-P for Marketing and Communications for the Lignite Energy Council, says the popular event has become a broad-reaching one.

"We put on a teacher's seminar every year that brings in teachers from all across the region," she said. "We host from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota. We've had teachers from Montana. This year, we even had a teacher that came to us from Ohio."

LaCoe says the week is centered around the coal industry, electricity production and the economics surrounding it. Those attending also make a trip out to a coal mine, where LaCoe says the attendees get 'the VIP treatment.'

She says there has been a change in the students during the years the seminar has been held. Students have been encouraged to go into the energy industry because of the seminar.

"It's a great industry, and there's been a concerted effort to promote the jobs that are available in North Dakota for these kids to stay in North Dakota, or move to North Dakota and pursue their career," she said. "There are just a ton of opportunities."

LaCoe says it's not all about the two-year or four-year schools, either.

"Where the industry hinges itself on are the skilled laborers, the trades," she said. "Everything from electricians to plumbers."