Secretary of State, Attorney General react to Minnesota judge’s attempt to undermine law

(St. Paul, Minn.) – Minnesota’s Secretary of State and Attorney General are reacting to a county judge’s attempt to undermine Minnesota state law.

According to a joint press release, a judge in Mille Lacs County has made an attempt to restrict Minnesotans’ legal right to vote. The issue came after the judge issued orders barring two individuals with felony convictions from voting. The two were only sentenced to probation.

The orders go against the Restore the Vote Act, which gives a person with a felony conviction the right to vote if the individual is not incarcerated for the offense.

“We believe the judge’s orders are not lawful and we will oppose them. The orders have no statewide impact, and should not create fear, uncertainty, or doubt,” the press release from Secretary of State Steve Simon and Attorney General Keith Ellison said. “In Minnesota, if you are over 18, a U.S. citizen, a resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days, and not currently incarcerated, you are eligible to vote. Period. It is critically important that everyone whose rights were restored understands that they are welcome in our democracy.”