Katrina Christiansen Campaign announces high donation totals going into 2024 election season

Courtesy: Katrina Christiansen Campaign
Courtesy: Katrina Christiansen Campaign

(Bismarck, ND) -- Katrina Christensen's campaign says they got large donation numbers at the end of 2023, and are hoping to carry momentum into the election year.

The campaign says they received $177,000 from 3,300 individual donors. Those donation totals are a 158% increase compared to the total of her previous campaign in 2022, and 25x the funds raised during her previous first quarter. Additionally, Christiansen says none of the money comes from corporate PACS. 

"As an engineer, I identified the problems with my 2022 campaign and started looking for solutions-- namely, a strong campaign team with the infrastructure needed to win. I am proud of this team and the support the campaign has earned. We can win this race and we have proof with our performance this quarter.” shared Katrina.

Christiansen is campaigning to unseat Senator Kevin Cramer, who has been in the Senate since 2018.