MN lawmakers continuing forward with legislation to prohibit book bannings

Courtesy: Minnesota State Senate Media Team
Courtesy: Minnesota State Senate Media Team

(St. Paul, MN) -- Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit book banning across the state.  

Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan talked about the bill during a visit to the Como Park High School library in St. Paul yesterday.  Walz said those who support book bans have "never been on the right side of history."  

“Our commitment to making Minnesota the best state in the nation for children means increasing access to books, not censoring them,” said Governor Walz. “Taking books away from kids and schools does not protect our children – it erases many of the stories and voices that do. This legislation will ensure books remain accessible to teach, and all children continue to have the opportunity to read freely.”

The proposed law would prevent banning books at public and school libraries and has been introduced in both chambers of the legislature.