ND Gubernatorial Candidate stresses importance of border policy and legal immigration in exclusive interview

Courtesy: ND Office of the Governor
Courtesy: ND Office of the Governor

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller says she would work with local, state, and federal partners to accelerate legal immigration to the U.S. 

 Miller made the comments while talking about the workforce shortage in the state on The Jay Thomas Show. She spoke to the workforce shortage in North Dakota, which Jobs Service ND estimated 14,000 openings in March.

"Why is it so challenging to help legal immigrants. We need to streamline that process because there are a lot of really good people who should be and can be working in our country," said Tammy Miller in response to a caller, who was completely against illegal immigration but expressed concerns over hurting legal immigration chances. "I would definitely work with the congressional delegation, the president, other states, to expedite the process for legal immigrants. We need them in our workforce."

She also expressed frustrations about two times she tried to hire legal immigrants in her time at Border States Electric. She cited one example that took 10 years to complete, when they attempted to hire an engineer from Mexico. Despite the want to expedite legal immigration, Miller does not want voters to confuse that with being light on the illegal variety.

"We have got to get these borders, both north and south, under control. Biden is not doing it. We need to get Trump back in the White House to secure our borders; and if that doesn't happen, we need to do that in the state of North Dakota," said Miller.

Tammy Miller is running against multiple other candidates in the 2024 election. This includes GOP contender Kelly Armstrong and Dem-NPL candidate Merrill Piepkorn. 

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024