Fargo Police complete investigation into police misconduct


On June 26, Larry Pope filed a complaint with the Fargo Police Department alleging he was detained and illegally searched by two Fargo officers in the parking lot of 3201 20th Street South on June 22, 2020. 

Based on the allegation, Sergeant Aberle, of the Office of Professional Standards, conducted an investigation into the allegation. Through his investigation, he reviewed data pertaining to incidents that occurred, accounted for all the patrol officers working, reviewed GPS squad car data, reviewed chat messages between officers, and traffic camera footage located at 25th Street South and 32nd Avenue South for June 22. Sgt. Aberle interviewed Mr. Pope and several employees at Mr. Pope’s employment whom he mentioned in his interview. Sgt. Aberle was unable to find any evidence the incident occurred outside of Mr. Pope’s allegation and recommended the inquiry be closed.

On July 15, 2020, Chief Todd concurred the inquiry unfounded.