Cass County Commissioner clarifies receipt of ballots unrequested


A Cass County Commissioner says he was 'confused' by wording on the June absentee ballot application. He joins several concerned citizens throughout the region. Ken Pawluk, who serves as Cass County Commissioner for District 3, appeared on Monday's What's On Your Mind radio show to discuss the situation.

On the absentee ballot application there are three options: June (Primary) Election, November (General) Election and All Statewide Elections. In the event of selecting "all statewide elections", Pawluk says the elector is requesting a ballot for both the general and primary elections.

"I was a little confused by the wording on the absentee ballot as well," he says.

Even if a voter does receive an absentee ballot, they do not lose their opportunity to vote at the polling place -- but it means you cannot vote twice.

The state has a safeguard in place to make sure residents who discard their ballots do not have someone illegally forge their signature -- they keep all signatures on file.

"Every signature is compared," Pawluk says. If the signatures don't match, an election judge earmarks the ballot for further examination.

Early voting begins October 19 in Cass County.