April 2021 Salute to Law Enforcement: Chief Deputy Mickey Harmon

Chief Deputy Mickey Harmon of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office
Chief Deputy Mickey Harmon of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office

Mickey Harmon is a 33 year veteran with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and serves as the Chief Deputy. Chief Deputy Harmon began her career in 1979 with the Ward County Sheriff’s Office. Harmon served in several different capacities to include a Correctional Officer, Patrol Deputy, and the Civil Process/Warrants Division. Harmon began her employment with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 as a Correctional Officer.

Harmon was promoted to Sergeant in May 1991 and worked in that capacity until being selected to serve on the transition team in September 2000.  As a team member, she was tasked with policy and training development.

In September 2002, Harmon was selected to oversee the Court Security and Inmate Transport Division. These duties included scheduling inmate transports, courtroom security assignments, and courthouse security.

In July 2012, Harmon was promoted to Captain and served as Division Commander of the Court Security, Inmate Transport Division and Administrative Division, including the annual budget preparation, staff requisition, quartermaster, and grant management.

Harmon was promoted to Chief Deputy in September 2017 and is tasked with overseeing each division, including the Jail, Civil Process & Warrants, Patrol, Training, Special Projects, and Investigations. Harmon continues to write and manage grants as well as the annual Cass County Sheriff’s Office budget.