7-24-21 Energy Matters Hour 1

Every Saturday Energy Matters brings you the latest in energy and technology advancements and the people behind them.


Lynn Helms Directors Cut 

 Lignite - Mike Nasi is a partner with Jackson Walker, where he practices environmental and energy law. Mike has been practicing before state and federal environmental and energy agencies and appellate courts for 24 years. Mike will talk about the lessons learned in Texas about how to continue to achieve grid reliability using coal-based resources 

 Matt Gardner, Director of Government Affairs at the Greater North Dakota Chamber, tells us about the upcoming GNDC Policy Summit 

 American Petroleum Institute Senior Vice President Frank Macchiarola joins the show to talk about a new analysis of the natural gas and oil industry’s vast economic impact on North Dakota’s— and the national—economy. We are eager to discuss how the data underscores the fact that our industry is critically important to the state’s— and the nation’s— post-pandemic recovery. The study was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and is based on the latest government data available, showing the number of jobs that the natural gas and oil industry supported across the state’s economy as well as the fact that North Dakota ranked among the highest states for the percentage of total economic contributions by the natural gas and oil industry—including billions of dollars added to total labor income—in 2019 

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, July 24, 2021